Financial Industry

The Internationalization of European Financial Networks: A Quantitative Text Analysis of EU Consultation Responses

Regulatory initiatives are frequently shaped by the ability of the financial industry to build alliances across the wider business community. Yet comparative and international political economy scholarship remains divided over how to explain the …

The Second Half: Interest Group Conflicts and Coalitions in the Implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act Derivatives Rules

Chapter included in the volume *“Governing the World's Biggest Market: The Politics of Derivatives Regulation After the 2008 Crisis”*, edited by Eric Helleiner, Stefano Pagliari and Irene Spagna, Oxford University Press 2018

Capital United? Business Unity in Regulatory Politics and the Special Place of Finance

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The Interest Ecology of Financial Regulation: Interest Group Plurality in the Design of Financial Regulatory Policies

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Leveraged interests: Financial industry power and the role of private sector coalitions

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The Wall Street - Main Street Nexus in Financial Regulation: Business Coalitions Inside and Outside the Financial Sector in the Regulation of OTC Derivatives

Chapter included in the volume [*“Great Expectations, Slow Transformations Incremental Change in Post-Crisis Regulation”*](, edited by Manuela Moschella and Eleni Tsingou, ECPR Press, 2013